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W.B. Reid and Bonnie Zahnow

W.B. Reid

Bonnie Zahnow

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W. Bruce Reid
guitar, fiddle, banjo,
banjo-guitar, mandolin
and vocals

Bonnie Zahnow
fiddle and guitar
and vocals
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This husband and wife duo present a wide range of musical traditions: old-time country songs and fiddle tunes, string blues music from Mississippi and Memphis, and Mexican songs and dance tunes. Both play fiddle and guitar, and WB also plays a variety of other stringed instruments. Sweet harmonies on songs ranging from poignant to humorous, twin-fiddling, foot-tapping tunes and slow waltzes, all make for fine and enjoyable music in any situation.

The Lee Stripling Trio at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in 2008
Click on the picture for more info about Lee Stripling (1921 - 2009)                         Photo by Jeri Vaughn

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