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Here are some selections from our two CDs. See our Recordings page for more info and to purchase CDs

Merry Girl      
Old-time Song -- Fiddle and Banjo

Slim Gal      
Humerous Old-Time Song -- Fiddle and Guitar

Shake Hands And Tell Me Goodbye      
Blues Song From the Mississippi Sheiks -- Fiddle and Guitar

Katie Dear      
Old-time Country Duet -- Two Guitars

Stacker Lee      
Old-time Fiddle Song -- Fiddle and Guitar

When The Sun Goes Down Again      
Western Swing Song -- Fiddle and Guitar

Old-time Fiddle and Banjo Tune

Jailbird Love Song      
Blues gem from the Mississippi Sheiks -- Fiddle and Banjo-Guitar

Lynchburg Town      
Old-time Song -- Fiddle and Guitar

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